Marius Land

After studying at FH Potsdam, Marius moved on to HGB Leipzig. All the pictures belong to a collection (work in progress) called „Samples“. A research on contemporary aesthetic and sublime, as well as a question towards the truth within photography. We like the aesthetics and the strong attitude of the following imagery. © All Images

kollage MariusLand_ARCADEMI-6 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-5 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-4 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-3 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-2 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-1 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-11 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-12 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-13 MariusLand_ARCADEMI-14 kollage