Maria Bruun

Maria Bruun Design is a furniture and design studio founded by Maria Bruun, Cand. Design, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio offers full creative direction, furniture and interior design services. (b. 1984)
 Based in Copenhagen, she primarily works with product and exhibition design. She combines a soft and intuitive approach with hands-on design. At times she works alone or with skilled craftsmen in the workshop focused on learning a new craft or technique or gaining new knowledge about a certain material. Other times her work is more introspective with the vision of creating an experience, a redefinition of form or a new narrative about the materials. In her optic this way of working is reflected in the end product. Almost all her products consist of a series of designs; it reflects very well her process of creation. In her terminology each idea is flexible in scale, variation and function. Maria Bruun is co-founder of RE F O R M Design Biennial a biannual curated exhibition and platform for emerging design talents, she is half of the duo MBADV that works with objects in the cross-field between art, architecture and design. © All Images

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