Manon Wertenbroek

“The mental images of Manon Wertenbroek are strikingly mov- ing. Her constructions combine a classic subject—portraiture—with an instinctive plastic research. The artist builds her images by ac- cumulating layers and subjects be- fore photographing them as por- traits. Out of a need to inflate materiality to an inner, complex and unsteady energy, the sculpt- ing preparatory process is central to the work. The artist cuts shapes out of paper, and then reflects them on her computer screen. The process is finalized through the shooting, as a means to frame the created expressive space and con- fine these emotions. Characters emerge from these poetic “Fusions,” midway between sculpture, painting and photogra- phy, as if springing from the art- ist’s past, each letter being the first letter of the name of the per- son whose imaginary portrait is created. ”Written by Tatyana Frank, director of museum Élysée in Lausanne © All Images

Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_1 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_3 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_4 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_5 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_6 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_7 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_8 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_10 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_11 Arcademi_Manon_Wertenbroek_fusion_12