Lukas Gansterer

Photographer Lukas Gansterer, born in 1984 in Hainburg an der Donau, lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. His work focuses on authenticity, aggression, and aesthetic. Gansterer photographs for international magazines, with clients including Zeit Magazin, 032c, Tissue, Vice, Metal, and Eine. In addition, he has worked closely with the fashion label Wendy & Jim since 2006. His photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Milan among others. C'mon you gotta love this! © All Images

Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_01 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_02 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_03 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_04 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_05 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_06 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_07 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_08 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_09 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_10 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_11 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_12 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_13 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_14 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_15 Arcademi_Lukas_Gansterer_16