Lucie Guiragossian

182,4 dB is the world record of decibels in car tuning, louder than a plane during take-off. It’s also the name of my bachelor's collection. I come from a medium-sized town south of Lyon and I had often seen those impressive engines passing by. Tuning a car means modifying its technical or aesthetic performance. The central idea of this collection was to adapt the methods and techniques used by tuners to the design of clothing. I focused on the design of the metalized car body, with its hand painted patterns. In order to reproduce this effect, I used screen printing. The ink brings a whole new texture to the fabric. All fabrics are black, gray or white, just as a car fresh off the assembly line. My point of departure was the garagist’s outfit, which often accompanies the tuner. I have translated this into removable pockets. The pockets can be used interchangeably on three different looks, allowing the one wearing the outfits to pimp his look as he pleases. It is essential to me that my clothes can be made personal, that the guy wearing my clothes can play with them, modify them and never be bored with my outfits. I think it adds a new dimension to my clothes, a playful, humorous one. It allows the different looks to communicate to each other, not just on a purely aesthetic level, but also on a practical one.Screen printing coating and prints sponsored by Daniel Henry Textile Design Studio (Belgium), Photographer: Jean-Vincent Simonet, Models: Sébastien Perlotto & Aurélien Colombo, Black Scorpions tuning gathering, Sion, Switzerland. © All Images

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