Lucas Grisinelli

A glimpse at two different series by Lucas.“URBI AND ORBI” is a Latin phrase pronounced by the Pope during the blessing of Easter which means anoint the city and beyond. Borders are, at least virtually and increasing access to images makes us citizens of the global village. Now place the disappearance of the place the benefit of the space. It is possible to go everywhere, the scenery is exhausted. As consistency intuitive eye and mind are the tools of subjective reality and work to a nostalgia active. This series lays the foundation for work uninhibited, the coldness of the aestheticization is offset by the genuine beauty of the moment and the vision. It is this, moments of grace. Maybe even attempted extractions. To locate the exoticism and universality through the day. The idiocy of Jean-Yves Jouannais holds an important place in “PER GLORIA”. The eye is no longer seeking to protect from the world but play with him. Resolutely "photographie plasticienne" these photographs-haikus are also heirs to the thinking of Walter Benjamin. they plunge in infraordinaire and bypass the pitfalls of trash.” © All Images


lucas_grisinelli_1 lucas_grisinelli_2 lucas_grisinelli_3 lucas_grisinelli_4 lucas_grisinelli_christos_anesti_1 lucas_grisinelli_christos_anesti_2 lucas_grisinelli_per_gloria_1 lucas_grisinelli_per_gloria_2 lucas_grisinelli_per_gloria_3 lucas_grisinelli_per_gloria_4 lucas_grisinelli_per_gloria_5 lucas_grisinelli_urbi_et_orbi_1 lucas_grisinelli_urbi_et_orbi_2 lucas_grisinelli_urbi_et_orbi_3 lucas_grisinelli_urbi_et_orbi_4 lucas_grisinelli_urbi_et_orbi_6