Louis-Gabriel Nouchi

Here is an incredible collection I have stumbled over by Louis-Gabriel. Now except the fact I know he is a Nominee at Hyères Festival 2014 I can't tell you a whole lot, but these images will give you most of the information you need. Some more images if you follow the link below © All Images


Arcademi_LGN_2 Arcademi_LGN_3 Arcademi_LGN_4 Arcademi_LGN_5  Arcademi_LGN_7 Arcademi_LGN_8 Arcademi_LGN_9 Arcademi_LGN_10 Arcademi_LGN_12 Arcademi_LGN_13 Arcademi_LGN_14 Arcademi_LGN_15 Arcademi_LGN_16 Arcademi_LGN_17 Arcademi_LGN_18 Arcademi_LGN_19 Arcademi_LGN_20