Linus Bill + Adrien Horni

Enjoy a few works by Swiss artists Linus Bill and Adrien Horni with us today. Powerful aesthetics, bold gestures and brave colors makes us want more and more of this. Especially in big sizes! © All Images

Arcademi_Bill_Horni_01 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_02 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_03 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_04 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_05 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_06 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_07 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_08 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_09 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_10 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_11 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_12 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_13 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_14 Arcademi_Bill_Horni_15