Sad but true, our friends Arnaud and Co. from L’IMPARFAITE magazine have dropped the latest and last issue, the REVUE ÉROTIQUE N°6  2015. 160 pages of this limited edition are numbered to only 1000 copies. As we loved L’IMPARFAITE before we can say that this is seriously by far the best issue yet, amazing. So why don’t we all try to convince them of keeping this project running, show some love on Facebook and leave some comments. Bravo! © All Images


Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_01 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_02 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_03 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_04 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_05 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_06 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_07 Arcademi_limparfaite_n6_08