Lena C. Emery updates

Born in Germany, photographer Lena C. Emery grew up in Singapore and studied Fine Arts at Parsons Paris School of Art & Design. Before finally relocating to London to focus on her photography, Emery worked as independent art director in Berlin up until 2011. Her itinerant background is strongly reflected in her work, while her unique rendering of color and sensitivity to themes ranging from modernist architecture to the way we see and observe the female, have earned her early recognition. Emery is a steady contributor to a myriad of publications including The New York Times Style Magazine, WSJ., apartamento, M Le Monde, POP, AnOther, Zeit Magazin and The Gentlewoman. Her advertising clients include Helmut Lang, Dior, Stella McCartney, COS and Victoria Beckham, amongst others.  Emery was nominated for the FOAM Paul Huf award in 2015 and her work has been featured in a number of hardcovers published by GESTALTEN since then. Early 2016 will see the release of Emery´s first monograph, for which she spent several weeks in Tokyo and travelling throughout other cities in Japan.  © All Images


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