Léa Delion

«I couldn’t define myself as a graphic designer, although I’m not an artist either. I use my sensibility and my curiosity in different fields, all connected by a strong aesthetic and desire to balance softness and roughness. In order to develop and increase knowledges I've leant towards people whom I found the work either daring, bordeline, or elegant. (I believe that luxury shouldn’t be a lure but a space to experiment senses. A fragrance, a texture, a honest relationship.) This is what led me to present myself naturally to Kostas and Valerie - his assistant - when I was living in Berlin. (His work was intriguing, like a floating veil cut with a raw material. Like a fragile punk.) Then, I needed something more aggressive, this is how I applied at Proenza Schouler and met with Alejandro Cardenas in New York city, the artistic director and prints designer by then. (It didn’t last very long but I've learned a lot. I believe everyone have something to teach you, if you give enough attention.)I explore visual intuitions and see where it leads me to. (As I haven’t lived in the same country more than 2 or 3 years in 10 years, I feel in levitation in the center of 3 dimensional web. This is maybe why I like to draw spaces, and imagine being home somewhere.) I’m constantly questioning limits of control and abandonments and I try to format and mutate what I’ve learned into new forms of expression.» © All Images


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