Le Creative

Le Creative is a studio dedicated to art direction, photography and design based in Paris.  Founded in 2009 by Mathieu Missiaen and Julien Morin, Le Creative was later joined by Stéphane Perrier and Tiffany Chen. Fundamentally multidisciplinary and research driven, evolve in a variety of domains from fashion to music. Clients include luxury brands like Hermès or Cartier and magazines such as Interview or Novembre. In addition to creative skills, 5 fruits bring  knowledge and expertise in production at the service of others. © All Images


Arcademi_5fruits_01 Arcademi_5fruits_02 Arcademi_5fruits_03 Arcademi_5fruits_04 Arcademi_5fruits_05 Arcademi_5fruits_08 Arcademi_5fruits_09 Arcademi_5fruits_10 Arcademi_5fruits_11 Arcademi_5fruits_12 Arcademi_5fruits_13 Arcademi_5fruits_14 Arcademi_5fruits_15 Arcademi_5fruits_16 Arcademi_5fruits_17 Arcademi_5fruits_18 Arcademi_5fruits_19 Arcademi_5fruits_20 Arcademi_5fruits_21 Arcademi_5fruits_22