Kyle Tryhorn

Born 1982, St Catharines, Canada. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Kyle Tryhorn’s practice uses a combination of photography, video and installation. His work is an exploration of the processes by which value is assigned to the various mediated experiences we encounter of and throughout nature. As a result the viewer is invited to question the constructed hierarchies resulting from a systemic experience that appraises things by their perceived utilitarian and anthropocentric qualities. Tryhorn invites us to observe the world around us as a myriad of individual and singular events. This results in works that emphasize the interconnectedness of each element of the process and allows a value system to arise in which every experienced phenomena carries equal charge. © All Images

Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_Brioche-603x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_Documentation1-1496x996 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_Documentation2-599x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_Doughnuts1-600x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_LargeStudioFalls-600x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_MediumTropical-600x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_MudPuddle-1496x1019 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_Smoke6-600x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_StairsFalls70-600x900 Arcademi_Kyle_Thyron_YoursToDiscover-KyleTryhorn2-1496x997