Kustaa Saksi

Absolutely amazing works here folks. This is a textile and embroidery approach I have not yet seen is such perfection. Incredible. "The artist Kustaa Saksi (b. 1975) lives and works in Amsterdam. In addition to his artistic production, he is known as an awarded graphic designer in Finland and abroad. Saksi has designed wall paintings to cover skyscrapers, as well as patterns and tapestry. Alongside to some of the world famous brands such as Nike, Diesel, Levi's, Saksi has collaborated with Issey Miyake, Lacoste, New York Times, Playboy and Wallpaper. In 2013, he designed a large-scale installation for the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair Pavilion together with the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, consisting of as many as 15 000 A3-size papers.” www.kustaasaksi.com © All Images


Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_1 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_2 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_3 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_4 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_5 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_6 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_7 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_8 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_9 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_10 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_11 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_12 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_13 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_14 Arcademi_Kustaa_Saksi_15