From the unexpected symbiosis of its elements comes KRJST KRJST takes its character from the polyphonic identity of prismatic art. «Arriving at one from the multiple» is the red line from which KRJST's RTW collections are formed. The fruit of a collaboration between Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx, two designers and formers la CAMBRE students (2011) with notably different personalities, KRJST truly reflects a unifying duality. Each as well as the five's collaborators of KRJST's team are invested not only in fashion, but in other art forms, further enriching KRJST's KRYZHOME.KRYZHOME is an allegorical expression of KRJST's ethos, exploring themes of melancholy, alienation and extravagance. It is from the eclectic association of all these elements, of art, color, material and emotions within a structure of intuitive osmosis, that KRJST is born. © All Images

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