Koos Breen

Koos Breen is a Dutch graphic designer currently studying at the Graphic Design and Typography Department of the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Looking at these images, we’re really into his work that is quite multifaceted and inspiring. We guess there’s a lot of stuff Koos will impress us with in the future! © All Images


Arcademi_KoosBreen_01 Arcademi_KoosBreen_02 Arcademi_KoosBreen_03 Arcademi_KoosBreen_04 Arcademi_KoosBreen_05b Arcademi_KoosBreen_06 Arcademi_KoosBreen_07 Arcademi_KoosBreen_08 Arcademi_KoosBreen_09 Arcademi_KoosBreen_Titelbild