Ken Sortais

Generally I am not much of a real street art fetishist, but when things get a certain twist, like in the case of Ken's work here, I really dig it. But definitions are exhausting anyway. Remember those back in the days dancing Skeletons, I loved those so much. © All Images

Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_2 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_3 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_4 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_5 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_6 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_7 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_8 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_9 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_10 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_11 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_12 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_13 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_14 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_15 Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_a Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_b Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_c Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_d Arcademi_Ken_Sortais_e