Katja Kremenic

A few images by Katja, based in Berlin and manly shooting analog stories, fashion and portraits. These give me a strong feeling of needing to travel and having a good time, just the right thing for a dark winter season. © All Images


Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_1 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_2 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_3 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_4 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_5 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_6 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_7 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_8 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_9 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_10 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_11 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_12 Arcademi_Katja_Kremenic_13