Kate Angelstein

“I am Kate Anglestein, a conceptual still life photographer based in London. I am fascinated by the way light works and reacts; how it can completely change the way you look at things. I often like to add another dimension to my images, using illusion or hidden elements to create further shapes and colours within the picture.” © All Images


Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_1 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_2 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_3 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_4 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_5 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_6 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_7 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_8 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_9 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_10 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_11 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_12 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_13 Arcademi_Kate_Anglestein_image_14