Julien Simshauser

Julien Simshauser was commissioned by Design Studio Meiré und Meiré to create 3D Illustrations of naked girls for the august issue of GQ Italy. What came out are bespoke renderings of 3D sculptures made of marble and high gloss material. These sculptures then were arranged on top of each other to shape naked body collages. These collages were used on opening pages to introduce different sections of the magazine. Art Direction GQ Italy: Agnes Grueb (Meiré und Meiré)   © All Images


Arcademi_simshauser_1 Arcademi_simshauser_2 Arcademi_simshauser_3 Arcademi_simshauser_4 Arcademi_simshauser_5 Arcademi_simshauser_6 Arcademi_simshauser_7 Arcademi_simshauser_8 Arcademi_simshauser_9