Julia Schäfer

„I am a graphic designer born in Switzerland and currently based in Vienna. I am fascinated by images in which the processes can not be traced back and which confuse with their creation and appearance. My work results from immersing myself in experimentation and altering the media and techniques constantly. I want to give a visual answer to: What happens when type and image collide?” © All Images


Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_01 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_02 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_03 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_04 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_05 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_06 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_07 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_08 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_09 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_10 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_11 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_12 Arcademi_Julia_Schaefer_13