Julia Dault

Now this is something that caught our attention right away: The beautiful work of Brooklyn based artist Julia Dault. Especially the way she deals with materials, shapes and colour is extremely interesting, using a lot of different materials such as polyester, vinyl, acryl and plexiglas. Who would have thought plexiglas could be so aesthetic as it looks in her work. All contents copyright © 2013 All images 


Arcademi_JuliaDault_1 Arcademi_JuliaDault_2 Arcademi_JuliaDault_3 Arcademi_JuliaDault_4 Arcademi_JuliaDault_5 Arcademi_JuliaDault_6 Arcademi_JuliaDault_8 Arcademi_JuliaDault_9 Arcademi_JuliaDault_10 Arcademi_JuliaDault_11 Arcademi_JuliaDault_12 Arcademi_JuliaDault_13 Arcademi_JuliaDault_14 Arcademi_JuliaDault_15 Arcademi_JuliaDault_16 Arcademi_JuliaDault_17 Arcademi_JuliaDault_Titelbild