Joséphine Choquet

The talent we'd like to present today has written some words on her own to introduce herself to you properly. Nonetheless we'd like to mention how we're absolutely amazed by Joséphine's great work. We got to make sure to keep tracking her work along Joséphine’s way. But now read and look for yourself: I’m born in France in 1989, the north of France. I started to explore design in Brussels at La Cambre then I left Belgium to Switzerland where I obtained in 2013 my master’s diploma in luxury design and craftsmanship at ECAL. My university career allowed me to work with famous luxury brand like Hermès, Baccarat, Christofle, and also unique know-how manufactories like Charles Schambourg in Brussels. My creations explore and juggle between traditional and industrial know-how. I strive to play and reveal the know-how applied to the materials in a poetic and simple way. My creative process is always completed by a collection of various images which are decrypted and which then create a solid starting point. Since our exhibition in Milano this april for the salone satellite we try to continue to work as much as possible with my collaborator Virgile Thévoz. A new series of marbles pieces will arrive soon. I’m currently collaborating as designer or art director with a few companies such as a marble company and an Milanese / Newyorkese sunglasses brand RETROSUPERFUTURE. © 2014 All images

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