Jorge Penadés

Some really nice pieces by Jorge Penadés, who graduated in the end of 2014 from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid with a Master’s degree in experimental design. Since then his work has already seen the light at different museums, galleries and design venues such as National Museum Design (Stockholm), Museo Nacional de las Artes Decorativas (Madrid), London Design Festival … We’re excited what we’re going to see in the future from Jorge. Nice! © All Images

Arcademi_JorgePenades_01 Arcademi_JorgePenades_02 Arcademi_JorgePenades_03 Arcademi_JorgePenades_04 Arcademi_JorgePenades_05 Arcademi_JorgePenades_06 Arcademi_JorgePenades_07 Arcademi_JorgePenades_08 Arcademi_JorgePenades_Titelbild