Jonas Liveröd

Swedish artist Jonas Liveröds work is a dizzying journey where impermanence, materiality, sexuality, indulgence, distorted realities and alternate storylines share a crowded space. This body of work spans a wide range of mediums including sculpture, collages, textile works, large-scale installations, porcelain, found footage and wax works among other things. Liveröd moves between blunt expressions and subtle detail, the straight-forward and the enigmatic, navigating the border between fact and fiction. As a fan of what could be called marginal phenomena, he explores and is influenced by subjects such as religious cults, love crimes, borderline architecture, pilgrimages, misplaced art history, fringe collectors, folklore fakes, visionary failures, sideshow science and modernism gone wrong. He talks of mistake, misunderstanding and misdirection as forms of inspiration and practical direction in art. His aims and processes are not of conviction and progress but of doubt and questioning, of despair and wonder. © All Images

Arcademi_Liverod_arrogant-abstraction Arcademi_Liverod_At-work-building-show-at-Lothringer-13-in-Münich Arcademi_Liverod_Berlin Amnesia (for O) Arcademi_Liverod_Damnatio memoriae (Caligula) Arcademi_Liverod_FlotsamJetsam at Lothringer13 in Münich Arcademi_Liverod_Le origin du monde (inverted) Arcademi_Liverod_Museum cap (for Broodthaers) - detail from The All Machine Arcademi_Liverod_Ornament & Crime (folding screen)The Soft Object Arcademi_Liverod_OrnamentCrime(Brancusi) Arcademi_Liverod_Sex-death-Andre-Agassi n Steffi Graf Arcademi_Liverod_The raft Arcademi_Liverod_The soft object Arcademi_Liverod_the-tower