Johanna Burai

Johanna Burai is an artist and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She mainly works in the cultural field creating concepts through a wide range of disciplines such as graphic design, art direction, ceramics and illustration. She graduated with an BA in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design in 2015. „This is a series of illustrations that, through popular culture, comment on our time in different ways. With themes like racism and cultural appropriation to male vanity and phone addiction.” © All Images

Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_01 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_02 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_03 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_04 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_05 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_06 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_07 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_08 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_09 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_10 Arcademi_Johanna_Burai_11