Jean-Vincent Simonet

"You should have no fear" is a compilation -a kind of portfolio- of commissioned, documentary and personal works realized between June 2014 and May 2015. A mix between a few trips in Nairobi, Cairo or Zurich, some experiment with digital software on the surface of photography and some handmade collages with pictures of my personal diary. I used a large spectrum of photography techniques from 4x5 film camera to iPhone camera.   The whole series is condensed into a big  (61x45cm), black-covered book of 44 pages. There is no chapter or narration, but a global feeling of transgression in the subject of the pictures or the medium itself. It's a continuous, over-saturated flow of peoples and things surrounding me. © All Images

Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_2 2 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_4 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_5 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_6 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_8 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_9 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_12 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_13 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_16 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_18 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_JVS_2015_2 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_JVS_2015_4 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_JVS_2015_5 Arcademi_Simonet_You_Should_Have_No_Fear_JVS_2015