James Franco

Peres Projects is pleased to present Gay Town, a solo project with James Franco. Gay Town explores a variety of themes that are central to Franco's artistic practice, mainly issues related to adolescence, public and private persona, stereotypes and other societal concerns such as society's preoccupation with celebrity. Franco created most of the works for Gay Town over the past two years, making many of the works in hotel rooms, makeshift studios and other temporary locations whilst completing other projects, mainly motion pictures. Franco makes reference to several of his motion picture work and related projects in parts of the installations and other works on view in Gay Town. James Franco works across media including painting, drawing, film, sculpture, installation and photography, electing the media that best fits the project rather than committing to a sole artistic practice. All of these practices will be presented in this exhibition in one of his most ambitious installations to date. James Franco (b. 1978, Palo Alto, CA) is an acclaimed American actor, filmmaker, writer, and artist. This is his second solo show in Berlin with Peres Projects. The exhibition and opening is free and open to the public. February 9th – March 9th, 2013 / Opening February 9th, 7.30 – 9.30 pm / Press Preview February 8th, 12 pm © All Images, James Franco, Untitled (2012), Blanket, inkjet on cotton, courtesy of Peres Projects