Jacques-Aurélien Brun

Native of Lausanne and born in 1992 in Switzerland, Jacques-Aurélien Brun began a BA of photography at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) in 2012. One year later, Jacques-Aurélien exhibited with the Prix VFG Nachwuchsförderpreis, in Winterthur, Basel, Stuttgart and Lausanne. In 2014 he won the Prix d’Encouragement of the city of Renens that allowed him to create a personal exhibition in 2015. In the same year, he wrote a manifest about abstraction and editing in photography. He graduated from ECAL in 2015 and is currently an assistant there. In September 2015, he was shortlisted for the second time at Unseen Photo Book Award in Amsterdam. Jacques-Aurélien is attached to a generation of emergent photographers where the digital culture and the dematerialization of the photography are omnipresent. He uses the collection, abstraction, editing and decontextualization to create a whole where different kind of typologies of images are connected in a formal or dialectic way. He works on themes such as the quest of an old myth and a modern one, the disappearance and the fantasy woman, the expected journey and dreamy one. Moreover, he studies the experience in a scientific way or found in the every day life of the intimacy. To make a project, Jacques-Aurélien begins with the reality, a social aspect or an anecdotic one to create the fragments of a story or it’s beginning like the incipit of a novel. Finally, he gives a universal aspect to this fiction, a global concept that gambled all the images. © All Images



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