J. Hill’s Standard

Today we’re ab-so-lu-te-ly amazed by these hand-cutted crystal glasses by J Hill’s Standard. The brand takes its name from John Hill, an 18th Century glass alchemist and innovator. We’d better start saving on some of these extraordinary pieces now. All images are shot by Thomas Brown. © All Images


Arcademi_JHillsStandard_01 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_02 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_03 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_04 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_05 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_06 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_07 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_08 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_09 Arcademi_JHillsStandard_Titelbild