Ismaël Moumin

Ismaël Moumin, is a Fashion photographer of Belgian origin. His sensual, highly aestheticized approach to the feminine forenamed his signature collages has graced the pages of les Inrocks,  The album cover of artist Sage( for whom he equally directed a music video) or have been at service of high-end fashion brand." © All Images


Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_00 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_01 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_02 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_03 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_04 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_04b Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_05 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_06 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_07 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_08 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_09 Arcademi_Ismael_Moumin_10