Ina Niehoff

Ina is a freelance photographer currently living between Berlin and Weimar. Here is an insight into her visual world."In my photographic work I concentrate on visual observations of everyday life phenomena,  our natural environment and human reactions on life, landscapes and space. The earth is a  bizarre and wonderful place, full of curiosities and beauty. I am captivated to see the world  that we build up, the images us humans create and nothing makes me happier than capturing  these traces that we leave - our landscapes. Beside those man-made objects, accidentally  sculptures, moments of human life, I can't help myself being totally overwhelmed by the pure beauty of nature and it's constant change that influences our emotions and memories.” © All Images

Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_1 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_2 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_3 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_4 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_5 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_6 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_7 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_8 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_9 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_10 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_11 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_12 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_13 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_14 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_15 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_16 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_17 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_18 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_19 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_20 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_21 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_22 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_23 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_24 Arcademi_INANIEHOFF_26