IGO Studio

IGO Studio is a french studio created by Steven Mazzola and Coline Munier and mostly working on the Ego-Trip photo. They care about the concept of the error turned into a great idea in order to glorify the awkwardness. What you think might be a mistake, they turn it into some form of art, they try to make it aesthetic. At the end, the form matters more than meaning. IGO is fundamentally labelled by the digital natives and the ego-trip has to be seen as the echo of an odd reality. Mainly working between Paris, Lyon and Marseille, France, IGO tries to keep its weird artistic feature for both personal and commissioned work. © All Images


Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_01 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_02 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_03 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_04 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_05 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_06 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_07 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_08 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_09 Arcademi_IGO_STUDIO_010