Hugh Smyth

„I graduated in 2015 from Camberwell College of Art (University Arts London) in photography and I am based in London.  My work explores an unconscious, psychological experience of the everyday world using photographic imagery to exist in shifting layers of the real and the dreamed or imagined.“ © All Images

Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_02 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_03 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_04 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_05 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_06 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_07 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_08 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_10 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_11 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_13 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_14 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_15 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_16 Arcademi_Hugh_Smyth_17