"pure shapes for a new concept of space, space as a place that enhances soul, design and matter neutrality lets the being express itself, the individual is the only real hero, a language deprived of disorder surplus and excesses, value to vacuum and simplicity, using natural materials to revert to the pristine state of things, monochromatic and single material elements build objects over trends, sought sensitivity to design the unusual things, looking for harmony and no time balance, a way of behaving living being, HENRYTIMI."


Arcademi_Henry_Timi_01 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_02 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_03 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_04 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_05  Arcademi_Henry_Timi_07 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_08  Arcademi_Henry_Timi_10_a Arcademi_Henry_Timi_10 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_11 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_12 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_13 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_14 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_15_a Arcademi_Henry_Timi_15 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_16 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_17 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_18 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_19 Arcademi_Henry_Timi_20