Henry Jackson Newcomb

"Henry Jackson Newcomb’s work explores a new spatial collage; commenting on the role of artist as curator, and the juxtaposition of artwork and art-object. A repetitive approach to process and materials establishes a new language, as significant elements become reoccurring motifs, deconstructed and evolved into future dialogues after being recorded. Refined lines introduce figurative elements, as rhythmic forms emerge out of angled layers and abstracted backdrops. Exploring the dematerialization of objects through display, Newcomb discards any original narrative and creates new associations. Continuously abstracted and reproduced, the works explore the relationships between artist and viewer."  © 2015 All images


Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_01 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_02 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_03 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_04 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_05 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_06 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_07 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_08 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_09 Arcademi_HenryJacksonNewcomb_Titelbild