Heidi Norton

"Where nothing is pure, we must create ways to rally devotion to a damaged and ever-changing world."- Jedediah Purdy, After Nature.Norton is deeply drawn to the "strange ways we preserve and present natural life", particularly plant life. Her interest in the anthropocene and post-nature is evident in her new work on view at LVL3 in Chicago, The Plight, where she has designed "watering systems" to support her resin and plastic encased "lucky" bamboo. Trained as a photographer, often her works--image objects- use light to provide instability within the work drawing parallels to our " own mythologies of origin and decay in the natural world „. (Some excerpts are borrowed from Monica Westin's intro to BOMB magazine interview with plant philosopher Michael Marder). Her work can currently be seen in LVL3 exhibition, follow the link below. © All Images




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