HART+LËSHKINA are a New York based photography duo. Their new project Beyond the Clouds explores transience of time and human experience. Subjects of their portraits are caught in moments of quiet solitude all at different points of physical or psychological transitions connected by the desire to transcend their physically. These portraits are presented in dialogue with still lifes constructed from ephemeral materials such as ice, human hair, nails and snow. They have published a limited edition Beyond the Clouds monograph designed by the acclaimed Japanese art director Hideki Nakajima.  © All Images


Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_01 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_02 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_03 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_04 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_05 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_06 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_07 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_08 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_09 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_10 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_12 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_13 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_14 Arcademi_Hart_Leshkina_15