Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work draws from the history of computing and digital visual culture, but is paradoxically shot through analog means. Each photograph is shot on a single sheet of 4x5 film and results from layered exposures and in-camera masking. She currently has a show on view at Marinaro in NYC. © All Images



Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_01 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_02 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_03 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_04 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_05 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_06 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_07 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_08 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_09 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_10 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_11 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_12 Arcademi_Hannah_Whitaker_13