Founded in 2008, Hammer is a multidisciplinary studio based in Zurich, headed by Sereina Rothenberger & David Schatz. It evolves in various creative areas such as art direction, graphic design, typography, photography and motion design. Besides commissioned work they regularly put out personal work such as the recently self published Black Island in collaboration with infamous comic artist Thomas Ott.  © All Images


Arcademi_HMR_Black-Island_2 Arcademi_HMR_Black-Island_3 Arcademi_HMR_Black-Island_4 Arcademi_HMR_Black-Island_5 Arcademi_HMR_Black-Island Arcademi_HMR_Bongo Arcademi_HMR_Fridji Arcademi_HMR_Griffelkunst Arcademi_HMR_Helmhaus Arcademi_HMR_Industrial-Design