Gioia Seghers

Young and talented belgian fashion designer Gioia decided to launch her own label right after graduating at La Cambre Mode in 2012. Really happy we’ve discovered this beautiful label with clothes which are inspired by art and movement. Gioia plays with a lot of transparency, eyelets and drawstrings – quite inspiring to look at. We’re really curious and excited to follow her journey and to keep an eye on the label.

Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_01 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_02 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_03 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_04 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_05 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_06  Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_08  Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_10 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_11 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_12 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_13 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_14 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_15  Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_17 Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_18   Arcademi_GioiaSeghers_Titelbild