Gemis Luciani

Gemis Luciani is an Italian artist currently living and working between Italy and Berlin. His research focuses on the expressive potential of an act of formal reduction. By manipulating,de-composing and re-assembling common objects such as design magazines, phone books and flyers, he reconfigures them in newly built systems of shapes and surfaces investigating the abstract elements of visual depiction. © All Images

Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_01 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_02 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_03 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_04 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_05 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_06 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_07 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_08 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_09 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_10 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_11 Arcademi_Gemis_Luciani_12