Félicia Atkinson

Born in 1981 in Paris, Félicia Atkinson is a visual and sourd artist. She lives and works between Paris and Brussels, and co-runs the Shelter Press imprint. She also teaches art at ESAAA. A view on some of her latest work. © All Images


Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_1 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_2 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_3 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_4 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_5 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_6 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_7 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_8 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_9 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins_10 Arcademi_Felicia_Atkins