Fabrizio Raschetti

Is a photographer born and living in Milano, obsessed by the concepts of beauty and sensuality in every form. "What I’m trying to communicate with my shots it’s a sense of getting lost into that. The most important thing in photography, personally, I think is the feeling of constant craving, the hunger, for new incitements and ideas, that I usually try to find in life details" © All Images


Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_01 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_02 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_03 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_04 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_05 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_06 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_07 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_08 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_09 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_010 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_11 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_12 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_13 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_14 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_15 Arcademi_Fabrizio_Raschetti_16