Eva Roovers

Today we’re getting ready for summer with these bold and colorful images from artist Eva Roovers. Maybe you already came across her photography as she has worked for clients such as ELLE UK, Restored, Scotch & Soda, L’Officiel France, ... Definitely some eye candy and it’s a pleasure to have a look at her work. © All Images


Arcademi_EvaRoovers_01 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_02 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_03 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_04 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_05 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_06 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_07 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_08 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_09 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_10 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_11 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_12 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_13 Arcademi_EvaRoovers_Titelbild