Etienne Malapert

Born 1991 in Paris, Etienne Malapert is a young photographer based in Switzerland. He just won the Swiss design award 2016 with his diploma project «The city of possibilities». His work is directly impregnated by the classic documentary, he combines architecture, landscape and portrait pictures. We often find the idea of strolling through the implementation of its projects. Made with a big format camera, he takes care of a particular attention to the accuracy of framing. The notion of territory management is regularly found in his projects. He is interested in how humans adapt to places, and how the same places adapt to humans. © All Images

Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__001 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__002 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__003 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__004 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__005 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__006 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__007 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__008 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__009 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__010 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__011 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__012 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__013 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__014 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__015 Arcademi_Etienne_Malapert__016