Ester Grass Vergara

Ester Grass Vergara, a graduate from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, is a photographer living and working in Amsterdam. And she is a really talented one, just take a look at these images below to convince yourselves of her photographic skills and don't miss to check out her website for a lot more of her great work.  © 2014 All images

Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_01 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_02 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_03 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_04 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_05 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_06 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_07 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_08 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_09 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_10 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_11 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_13 Arcademi_EsterGrassVergara_Titelbild