Emile Barret

Everything is links. The same atoms debate among themselves for water. The world is endless, hence our fractal vision: the Grand Trompe l'Oeil. Transformation is the condition, molting after  molting stories resurface and confront, fills in the Atlas vertebra. This remote master disorder bringing the world into symbols. The houses are open, braided ropes, everyone has a role in the anthill. We must be born for nothing, have no vocations, live several times. DIY reign, analog, amid partial Realities and topologies of nesting. © All Images


01_Axones 02_La-Psychologie 03_Curiosité-Multicolor-Feu-Ministre 04_La-Linguistique 05_Cabinet-C 06_Argus 07_JohnDalyTherapy 08_The-mountain-and-the-shell 09_Kutna-Hora 10_Terrazzo 11_Foie-printemps-pyramide 12_Pape 13_L'anthropologie 14_Methode-Agile 15_11h-13h-main-poitrine-main-mars