Ellis White

On our radar today is a collection by Ellis White, a design studio presenting luxury footwear and accessories made from upcycled leather. Take a look at these uncommon yet delicate pieces and get fascinated by the look of the special material used within this collection – BitLeather, which is an original leather composite material made of small waste leather particles that are reconstituted into a stone-like material. Beautiful! © 2015 All images


Arcademi_EllisWhite_01 Arcademi_EllisWhite_02 Arcademi_EllisWhite_03 Arcademi_EllisWhite_04 Arcademi_EllisWhite_05 Arcademi_EllisWhite_06 Arcademi_EllisWhite_07 Arcademi_EllisWhite_Titelbild