Elise’s sculptures are studies in the shape of objects in space. Created from an eclectic range of materials, her carefully crafted works are simultaneously familiar and abstract. Aiming for visual ambiguity, her forms disorientate and distort, twisting references to the everyday into a new and distinct sculptural language. Elise fashions her sculptural materials from the synthetic, the industrial, and the vernacular. She is interested in forms that have already been visually processed; in the mass-manufactured consumables that we digest and discard. She also has a preoccupation with the perfectionism of the digital. She contrasts digital exactitude with the use of low grade sculptural materials, while blending processes of the hand with machined precision. Pushing against the edges of the physical, her materials are squeezed and smoothed to three dimensional perfection. Reflective surfaces slide against porous shapes. Intricate details slip between bloated forms. Organic curves fold into machine-sharp lines. She draws the viewer into a dizzying spectacle, where dramatic sculptures collide and combine. © All Images


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